Police from Mari El awarded for saving family on fire

Police from Mari El awarded for saving family on fireBy order of the Minister of internal Affairs of the Republic of Mari El mayor-General of police, Vyacheslav Buchnev staff patrol police Lieutenant Ivan Semenov and police Sergeant Paul Novoselov were awarded cash prizes. The award was presented at the national meeting of the voluntary fire prevention units of Mari El, the press service of the interior Ministry of Mari El.on November 21, during duty Semenov and Novoselov discovered that burning apartment in multi-storey residential building on the street of the World. The police helped firefighters to evacuate the occupants of the house, and found in one of the apartments deaf family with young children. People because of their disease was not able to hear alarms and escape yourself. Police noticed the children in the window, and helped the whole family time to escape from smoke-filled entrance. Kids they are wrapped in blankets, brought out and placed in his patrol car before the arrival of the ambulance. Read more -->

In Naberezhnye Chelny, the mother of a 10-day child may be deprived of parental rights

In Naberezhnye Chelny, the mother of a 10-day child may be deprived of parental rightsIn Naberezhnye Chelny, the question on excitation of criminal case against the 30-year-old woman 41st complex. A woman may be deprived of parental rights for failure to perform their responsibilities for the care and upbringing of his daughter. The little girl is only 10 days old, but the mother spends all his time in the joint drinking with their parents.As the press service of the MOI of Russia in the Embankments for Chelny, just a home-care nurse who came to visit the newborn, witnessed a hangover the morning after another feast in the family. In reigning in the apartment a mess of the child was not easy to find. About seen the woman immediately reported to the police.Now the baby with her mother (the doctors diagnosed women dehydration) hospitalized in the infectious diseases hospital. What measures to take to the mountain-mother until solved. Read more -->

Evelina Bledans told about the older son

Evelina Bledans told about the older sonEvelina Bledans, gave birth to a son with down syndrome, calls it a "syndrome of happiness". She did not hide the "patient". . . . . Read more -->

Orphaned by a plane crash in Kazan, the boy will remain in the care of grandparents

Orphaned by a plane crash in Kazan, the boy will remain in the care of grandparentsThe son who died in the crash of the Boeing 737 in the airport of Kazan teachers will remain in the care of grandparents. Today it went officials custody and guardianship to start the paperwork.As the correspondent of IA "Tatar-inform" in the administration of the Vakhitovsky and Volga districts of Kazan, 11-year-old son of the staff of the national research University "Higher school of Economics Yevgeny Knyazev and Natalia Grandpaboy who were victims of the tragedy, is now grandparents.The family previously lived with their parents, so the boy didn't have to move. The child, as before, in school в„–39. Today it went home specialists of the Department of custody and guardianship, and tomorrow will be prepared a decree on transfer of powers of the legal representatives of the child to the grandmother and grandfather."At first glance, the child is totally appropriate - as it can be in this situation", - told in the administration area.In case of death of parents before a finding of death of close relatives is entitled to temporary custody of the child - this is the order. After obtaining death certificates custody transferred on a permanent basis.Recall, November 17, at the International airport "Kazan" was wrecked plane "Boeing 737". Who was on Board 44 passengers and 6 crew members were killed. Read more -->

Once the son was ill, the temperature is below forty - told Komsomolskaya Pravda" Andrew. - I called Sasha: "Come, sit with your child, I need to go to the pharmacy for medicine." She replied: "I can't go on a job interview". And soon I saw posted in social networks photo where she played with her friends at the table.Andrew is ready to lead a bunch of witnesses who can confirm: he and his friends sat with Yarik much more than the mother. The son, according to her father, she was not really needed. And soon Sasha and had found a new husband and gave birth to another baby boy. When Andrew was offered a job in St. Petersburg, he went and took Yaroslav with them. By that time he already had a new wife, Olga. She also has a son from his first marriage, a couple years older than Yarik. Boys we all got along great.In St. Petersburg Andrey married. Says that Yarik got along well with her son's new wife.Photo: family archiveAll that said Alexander Nizamutdinov on television, according to his father, not true.- Mobile with the Yakut room was always with me. It at any time I could call and get the address, " says Andrew. Her sister last year came to St. Petersburg on business of his own, we called up and was going to meet, but did not work. Sasha could go to my sister, they live on the same staircase. I'm not hiding.On the television show Alexander showed mobile with my photos from social networks. Signed: "St. Petersburg", - adds a new wife Olga Martynova.TWO MOMS IMMEDIATELYOn the morning of December 10, Andrey Oreilly went to work. After ten minutes, go out and Olga with two boys. On the stairs waiting for the bailiffs. However, at that moment, the woman did not know who they are. Men were, according to her, in civil and if introduced, it is inaudible. They deftly pushed the frightened Olga, took hiding behind her Yarik and gave here was Nizamutdinov. Child, two years lived with a new mom, this, of course, did not remember.He was carrying on his hands, I ran after him, and Yarik shouted to me: "Mommy, don't give me away! Catch me!" with tears says Olga.Now dad Andrew hired lawyers, collects documents. Claims he has many of the participants in this story. And yet he's going through the court to determine how to communicate with your son. To retreat is not intended.- Let him live on stage with her mother and with me, doesn't mind a man.FROM THE AUTHORAbout a poor child will put in a wordIn the old Jewish joke says: spoon was found, and sediment remained. All stories related to sharing children's fathers and mothers, there are some bad odor. So we met once two. Have any love or feeling that they made for her. Gave birth. And then not together and began to pull the baby back and forth, destroying his psyche. Because such stories for kid without a trace does not pass, do not expect.In this case there is another parable. Both women claim that she was the boy's mother. The wise man says, pull on its each to himself. Who will pull, and child. One tries. And the other and pull did not let go of the child's little hand. "Can't," he said, " we will tear into two parts! Let the other one picks up..." the Sage said: "this is the mother!" For the sake of the child the woman was ready to give up their claims, but would not apply to the son harm. And here both parents, all of which to educate the Malets want. Well, let's agree humanly! Let him live on the queue and there and here. What easier?!COMPETENTThe head of the press service of the office of the Commissioner for children's rights in St. Petersburg Svetlana Agapitova Oleg ALEKSEEV:- The child's father turned to us for help with a request to leave his son. From the provided documents, it is evident that there is a decision of the City court of the Republic of Sakha dated June 20, 2011 stating that the child should live with his mother. The court relied, including the results of the psychological evaluation of the child, held in the same year, which shows that the child loves his mother and dad, but wants to live with her mother. The child now returned to lawfully

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15-year-old boy from the city of Kazan were tortured in police

15-year-old boy from the city of Kazan were tortured in police25 school in the middle of the school day was raided by the district Commissioner. He said to the Director, Yulia Egorova that a student is suspected of a crime and, according to the Law "On police", it is necessary to interrogate the Department.Because of free teachers were not, Egorova reminded the district that minors can be interrogated only in the presence of the parents, and said to the disciple to call them, - told "KP" human rights Defenders.According to the investigation, the police Department over the teen scoffed mayor Vladimir Kochnev. He slapped the boy, put him in handcuffs and took him to the toilet. There's a policeman threatened to dip his head in the toilet. Then Kochnev tied legs and neck minor towing rope and knocked the boy, pressing his face to the floor. Then he began to twist his hands, pushing his knee into the spine of the victim.- Parents of Teens learned about the incident only in the evening. Read more -->

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